Monday, November 28, 2016

Why do some mothers commit maternal filicde?

Most times this occurs is because the mothers are mentally.  There are a few other reasons why this might occur. Some mothers believe that it is in the children's best interest for them to be dead. Others could hear voices in their head telling them to kill the children which could also be considered being mentally ill.  In certain cases of mother may not mean to kill her child but only abuse it. However after long abuse the child may die. A rare case but still happens is when a mother kills their child to strike out against the husband. Sometimes the child is also a burden on their life so the mother kills the child.  However there is no justifiable way for mother to kill the child but it does happen.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

How Taoist texts can help us better understand Chinese history.

Taoism is a very unique religion that we read about today in class. Taoism can deepen our understanding of Chinese history because the Taoist canon can be used as an alternative history which expands on early Chinese history because it was an aspect that was not recorded in the emperors official history. This is very interesting because Taoism is a very unique religion. It is not similar to any other religions. Taoism is one of the only philosophical teaching in all of China. It shows a part of Chinese history that is not usually taught or even talked about. Their different beliefs really helped us better understand early Chinese history.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Is this the real world or are we just living a computer simulation.

In the article I read today the question is proposed " Is this world real or are we just part of a computer simulation of someone from a different universe. Neil deGrasse Tyson says " There is a 50-50 likelihood that we are just living some simulation. A lot of people think this theory could be true but there's no real way to test it. I don't believe we are in some sort of simulation I think this life is real. I can control my own mind as the quote by Rene Descartes said " I think therefore I am." I can think so I know I am real. The whole idea of this reminds me of the movie The Truman Show where Jim Carrey lives a fake life and everyone around him is actors. Jim Carrey has no idea he lives a fake life till he eventually realizes some things don't make sense. I think if we are in a fake world we will eventually realize. But who says I'm not part of some giant show? This whole idea of the simulation theory really makes you question a lot of stuff.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Holocaust compared to the Book of Job

During the Holocost and in the Book of Job people question God. Why do they question God? He allows for terrible things to occur. However the holocaust is a on a much larger scale than the Book of Job. During the Book of Job his life is ruined but in the end everything is put back to the way it was before (besides him having different kids). In the Holocaust over 6 million Jews died.  Both the stories have many similarities and differences.  However The Book of Job is just A small scale of example of God causing harm. In the Holocaust over 6 million people died and is on such a large scale. Moshe Yosef Daum and Fela Nussbaum we're both in the Holocaust. Their son Menachem Daum says “A God who limits himself to actions that we humans can understand couldn’t possibly be God.” This shows that he really believes God has reaspn for the Holocaust but not one we are supposed to understand. He believes a God that did stuff only that we could understand wouldn't be God. Dora Lefkowitz takes a different approach she says "I cannot see a God who will allow a little baby to be killed for no reason at all. And I really lost my belief then, right there and then. I had one sister and two brothers. I was the oldest and the only survivor of my family." She is similar to Job in that at a certain point of so much suffering they gave up in their faith. I personally would of lost faith in God if I saw so many innocent people be killed. However I think the suffering in the Holocaust is greater than in the Book of Job so I don't blame for some people losing faith and I support people who still have faith in God.


Thursday, October 6, 2016

The book of Job

In the book of Job, Noah's Ark, Adam and Eve, and the Tower of Babel God shows examples of God being insecure and wanting humans to prove their love to him. In the Book of Job  Job never does anything wrong and is faithful towards God. However Satan doesn't believe that job is really faithful towards God. He thinks the job just shows his love to God because of his good life. God and Satan decide to test job  do this by taking away everything Job loves hurting him and his family. He wanted to see if  after all this pain Job is still faithful to God. After everything Job loved it was taken away or destroyed he still showed his face towards God. But then he develops sores on his body head to toe. Then  Job was getting mad he started to curse the day he was born and not showing his faith towards God.  However I believe Job I have the right to not show his face towards God. God was being unfair and cruel towards him and he was always a good person he did not deserve this.  He's not the only time in the old testament that God is cruel for no good reason.  The story of Abraham God tells him to kill his only son Isaac.  He wanted him to kill his son Isaac to prove that he loved him and to prove his power. However God is very cruel sometimes and he shouldn't act this way. If God is really Almighty and so powerful he should realize that everyone should love him and he doesn't have to hurt people or ruin their life's to do this.  Overall though I believe God is still a good person. But he should realize that being cruel to people won't make them love him more than anything it will  ruins peoples faith in God.  In both stories Abraham and Job never did anything wrong they were perfect people and yet God still decided to curse them.  This shows the unfairness of God in both stories. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My high school experience

So far high school has it had its good and bad parts. The good parts are obviously hanging out with my friends or going out to lunch for pizza. However the school work has got much harder from middle school. The best thing about school so far is that you get to wake up later than the middle school. In the middle school most days I would wake up at 6:15 and now I usually wake up around 7:00 which is a big difference for me. Another great thing about high school is the freedom that comes with it. They lets us leave school for lunch which is a lot more fun then eating in the cafeteria with my friends. There are still some down sides of High School. In the middle school most afternoons would consist of hanging out with my friends followed by relaxing and eating dinner than doing about an hour of work and studying. Now that I'm in the high school I rarely have plans after school and if I do we mostly work the whole time. I usually study for about two hours a night and do homework for one and half. However even if the high school is a more challenging I am still enjoying my time here so far. Also I think I have great teachers that are helping make high school go smoother me which is great.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Is God really that nice?

In Genesis 6-9 the story of Noah's ark is told. In this story I read to find the characterization of God. In the story God shows moments when he is a jerk and not caring about other people. However in certain parts God realizes that he was being not very nice and apologizes. God decides to put and end to all humans by means of a giant flood. He tells one human Noah to take his family and each animal of its kind on a giant arc that he needs to build. He does this and the flood lasts 40 days and 40 nights. Everything that wasn't on the boat died. When he got off and the storm was over he still praised God. God felt bad for trying to kill all the humans and made a covenant with Noah to never try to kill all the humans again. This story really goes against what I believed in God, I always thought of him as a great person who always cares for everyone but in the story he is a jerk and commits a genocide against all humans. This is not even close to what I think of God as when I think of him. As the story progresses God becomes a little more like the one I always imagined. He apologizes for his actions and realizes what he did was wrong. God may have wrong actions at certain times but it my opinion he is still a good person.